• Product Function

  • Precision Explanation

  • Technical Principle

  • Application Area

  • Product Function

    • Coverage Area

      The geolocation covers 4.3 billion IP, including all network equipment, such as PC, mobile phone, etc.

    • Geolocation Precision

      Range of ultra-high precision geolocation can reach 50m to 5km, county-level geolocate to county center.

    • Geolocation Results

      Geolocation result returns continent, country, province, city, county, longitude and latitude, zip code, operator and other information.

    • Update Frequency

      Ultra-high precision API, weekly update;district level API, daily update.

    • Product Performance

      It supports 1000 times/second concurrency, and returns the geolocation result in 10 ms.

    Precision Explanation

    Aiming at the precision requirements of IP geolocation in two different usage scene of business and security, Aivan IP geolocation is divided into commercial version and police version.

    Application Scenarios IP Number Geolocation Accuracy The Most High Precision Range Average Geolocation Range
    Police Version Commercial version Police Version Commercial version
    Company(Company, Special Export and Organization) About 45 million Street-Level 10 m 50 m 50m 300m
    Data Center(IDC and CDN) About 66 million Street-Level 10 m 100 m 200 m 1 km
    University About 22 million Street-Level 10 m 100 m 300 m 1 km
    Home Broadband About 110 million Street-Level 50 m 1 km 2 km 5 km
    Mobile Network(3G、4G and WLAN) About 10 million Province-level - - - -
    Others About 150 million Street-Level 10 m 1 km 1 km 2 km

    Technical Principle

    IP geolocation uses big data mining and large-scale network detection technology to collect and process the basic information of IP addresses and network topology data, combines IP scene and network attributes and other factors to complete high-precision IP geographic location through comprehensive analysis of algorithms.

    Application Area

  • Internet Security Industry Offensive and Defensive Geolocation

    We determine the source of network attack IP by geolocating IP, and conduct network security defense. For example, the government department determines the location of the network attack by geolocating the geographic location of the network attack IP.

  • Internet Financial Industry Risk Control

    Internet financial credit investigation, anti-fraud and location verification. For example, the insurance company determines whether the customer appears in the usual place of residence by determining the location of the customer's IP, thereby reducing credit risk.

  • Internet Online Advertising Launches Precisely

    Online advertising based on IP location improves the efficiency of advertising. For example, advertisers put corresponding ads for IPs in different geographic locations and Increase the likelihood of customer purchasing

  • Big Data Industry Location Analysis

    We provide ultra-high precision geographic location data analysis latitude and location verification integration services. For example, Internet companies determine the user's living habits by analyzing the location information of the IP used by customers at different points in time.